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Schindler’s List: Summary – Essay Sample

Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film, Schindler’s List, won vast critical acclaim, including the Academy Award as Best Picture of the year, and was an enormous success with the public. The American Film Institute has also named it the eighth Best American … Full sample

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Saving Private Ryan: Summary – Essay Sample

Director Steven Spielberg’s 1998 film, Saving Private Ryan, was a great critical and commercial success. While some reviewers had issues with both the film’s sentimentality and accuracy, the movie was largely acclaimed as one of the best films dealing with … Full sample

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Latin America Children and War – Essay Sample

Innocent Voices, Men with Guns, and Machuca are all Latin American films that depict an existence that many of us would otherwise never have exposure to.  These film makers used this opportunity to tell a greater story, to paint a … Full sample

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Latin American Films of War and Children – Essay Sample

Latin American films made their notable début into mainstream cinemas in the early 1980s.  It was received with much skepticism at first, till the viewers began to realize the importance of its content.   Luis Mandoki and Andre Woods had different … Full sample

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American History X – Essay Sample

American History X is a controversial movie with many eye-opening events. The writers took it back to the very beginning where racism theoretically stems from, an individual’s upbringing. As a child, Derek Vineyard witnessed and experienced his father’s beliefs on … Full sample

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