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Historical Periods – Essay Sample

There are many different ways of periodization. It is clear that they are conditional, but their benefit is rather obvious. When one would like to go back in time, it is essential to have a plan and the map of … Full sample

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Decline of the Roman Empire – Essay Example

Title: Economic Influences in the Decline of the Roman Empire Introduction There are many theories about the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire. Everything from barbarian invasions, to a decline in the moral standards of the Roman society … Full sample

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Power of Indulgences – Essay Sample

In his “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences” of 1517, Dr. Martin Luther goes to great pains to break down what he firmly believes to be a system of abuse within the subject. Luther actually employs ninety-five distinct … Full sample

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Human History Mistake – Essay Sample

Jared Diamond, in his argument against what he terms a “progressive” perspective, takes full advantage of the luxury of speculation as regarding humanity’s evolution. He loses no time in pointing out how ordered civilizations invariably produce, at one time or … Full sample

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Prehistoric Religious Behavior – Essay Sample

Tracing the development of ritual and religion through the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic eras is a matter of dealing with two lengthy and distinct histories. First, there is the physical record, which serves to reveal the ceremonies and beliefs behind … Full sample

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