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Using the Same Format for all Documents – Essay Sample

There are distinct advantages to using the same format for all documents, and two are especially evident. The first is the consistency factor; identical formatting translates to a greater ease in switching texts, moving copy, and in every other editing … Full sample

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Hispanic Heritage – Essay Sample

Hispanic heritage is an important concept that surrounds my entire life.  I have lived in Puerto Rico my entire life.  Puerto Rico is a beautiful island that is part of the United States and is comprised of mostly Hispanic individuals.  … Full sample

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World of Experts – Essay Sample

Today’s world is one of experts.  There are doctors who are experts on the lymphatic system, teachers who are experts on the French Revolution, and lawyers who are experts on the criminal justice system.  However, the world we live in … Full sample


Love vs. Lust – Essay Samples

Love and lust are two terms that oppose each other in many ways, yet seem to get thrown together at times as well.  Both finding their way into romantic relationships, the relationship between these two words is certainly varied and … Full sample


Homeless Animals – Essay Sample

Imagine you are alone on the street. You have nowhere to go, there is no one waiting for you or worrying about you anywhere in the whole city. You are so hungry that each movement seems to be unmanageable. There … Full sample





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