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Phenomenology – Essay Sample

What is phenomenology?  After about half a century of the first works of Edward Husseri, it may seem strange that this question is still being asked.  However, the fact is that this question has still not been directly answered or … Full sample


Intrinsic freedom and free will – Essay Sample

Introduction Arguably, no struggle for freedom in which humanity has engaged approaches the scope and intensity of that of determining its own, intrinsic freedom. That mankind is equipped with an inalienable power of free will, or that the concept is … Full sample

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Leadership Philosophy and its Ethical Underpinnings – Essay Sample

1. Why do you think McCoy and the other travelers made the decision they did regarding the Sadhu? Do you think they acted ethically? What did they gain and what did they lose by this decision? McCoy and the other … Full sample

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Philosophy of Human Rights – Essay Sample

Introduction Few works of modern philosophy have created the lasting stir caused by Alasdair MacIntyre’s 1981 volume, After Virtue. MacIntyre’s views, largely Aristotelian in nature, tend to reject the paths of the Enlightenment movements, and the author most emphatically points … Full sample

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Essay Sample

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (28 June 1712 – 2 July 1778) was a writer, philosopher and composer of the 18th-century. Among his most noted works, was his autobiography, “The Confessions” which was completed in 1770, but they remained unpublished until several years after his … Full sample





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