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Interrogation Situations / Intelligence Gathering – Essay Example

Interrogation is a tactic used by all countries, governments and even individual businesses and gangs, usually in order to gather needed information. Interrogation can be relatively tame or excessively violent, depending upon the interrogation situation. By observing interrogation situations and … Full sample

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Business Law: Regulation of Business – Essay Example

The problem of efficiency of state regulation of small and medium businesses in developed economies indicates the main instruments of state regulation of the economy. Small businesses play an essential role in solving problems of unemployment. In 1980’s, 80% of … Full sample

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United Nations International Court of Justice – Essay Example

International Court of Justice is one of the chief juridical organs of the United Nations Organization, established in 1945 in order to hold peace with the international law and morals of justice, or authority to resolve international conflicts or other … Full sample

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International Law and Supreme Court Rulings – Essay Example

Title: Should International and Foreign Law and Global Considerations Shape Supreme Court Rulings? It had long been debated whether the United States Supreme Court should consider international laws or other global regulations when establishing court decisions. The main issue here … Full sample

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Mentally Disabled Offenders – Essay Example

A mentally disabled offender is an individual with psychological problems suspected of having committed a criminal offence. Mentally disabled offenders might exhibit chronic or acute mental illness, have personality or behavioral disorders, neurosis, psychosis or are alcohol and drug reliant. … Full sample

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