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Literalists and Gnostics in Islam – Essay Sample

Literalists in Islam believe that God sent Muhammad to guide the world and Muhammad gave us Quran which is the final word of God. Muslim literalists believe that Quran has been written in a simple language and is a gateway … Full sample


Church and Religion – Essay Sample

It is possible to adhere to one religious tradition without rejecting all the rest because there is not only one way to reach god. There are teachings and rules that have been prescribed by all religions of which the ‘Golden … Full sample


Violence in Religion – Essay Sample

Religion has always had a strong connection to violence, whether it be one of abhorrence or one that views it as a tool of redemption. On one extreme, humans see themselves as tools of God’s vengeance or will, and see … Full sample


Gobekli Tepe: Ancient Megalithic Temple at Urfa – Essay Sample

The temple complex that has been unearthed near the central Turkey town of Urfa is the most ancient religious monument that has ever been discovered, predating the Giza pyramids by as much as 7,000 years. The site was erected over … Full sample

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Gurus in Hinduism – Essay Sample

The significance of the guru to Hinduism lies primarily in the status of guru as spiritual instructor. Accordingly, the very essence of Hinduism qua religion requires a guru in order for the disciple to gain awareness of the spiritual truths … Full sample





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