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Archaeology in Hawaii – Essay Sample

Hawaiian archipelago consists of seven main islands located in the north central part of the Pacific Ocean in the tropics (19-22 ° latitude). This is a chain of volcanic peaks that are separated from the mainland and other islands. In … Full sample

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Artistic Themes from Ancient Cultures: Greece and Rome – Essay Sample

Greek and Roman art has inspired decades of artistic exploration and creativity. Essential themes of these ancient styles have saturated the art world since their inception, providing the backbone for some of the world’s most amazing artistic achievements. So, what … Full sample

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Poley Park – Essay Sample

Poley Park utilizes sleek design and activity. The park’s renovations have begun to improve the area, and place in it a stylish and functional area that serves the purposes of Norristown’s residents. Poley Park uses light and shadow to provide … Full sample

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Regionalism – Essay Sample

Regionalism has been a predominant feature of architecture in the past. The term regionalism actually encompasses a couple of related ideas. On one level, it addresses “how local influences have been used to generate local character on a region (Pavilides … Full sample

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Modernism Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright – Essay Sample

Throughout history, every era exemplifies modernism within its own aspects.  However, “trying to define modernism can be a frustrating exercise.  As a style, it is less coherent, its boundaries looser, than, say, classicism.  Many critics would argue that modernism is … Full sample

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