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Headache – Essay Sample

It is important to ask a patient presenting with headache about those headaches, including: whether headaches differ or are always the same; the intensity, number and quality of headaches; whether they affect vision; any associated symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity … Full sample

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Deadly Choices in ICU – Essay Sample

The process of triage in an emergency medical situation is inherently complex and typically insoluble to any truly satisfactory degree, when resources are limited and need exceeds them. Choices must be made urgently, and these decisions are literally of a … Full sample

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Verbal and Nonverbal Communication – Essay Sample

The pertinence of communication to criminal justice cannot be understated, insofar as the effectivity of criminal justice can be said to rest upon proper communication practices and a clear transfer of information. Speaking from a criminal justice background, Stojkovic, Kalinich, … Full sample

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Effective Leadership – Essay Sample

Truly effective leadership is typically viewed as an aggressive behavior, one in which a dominant personality takes command of a group dynamic and inspires efforts through sheer force of character and will. While this definition has much to be said … Full sample

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Phenomenology – Essay Sample

What is phenomenology?  After about half a century of the first works of Edward Husseri, it may seem strange that this question is still being asked.  However, the fact is that this question has still not been directly answered or … Full sample

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