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Poley Park – Essay Sample

Poley Park utilizes sleek design and activity. The park’s renovations have begun to improve the area, and place in it a stylish and functional area that serves the purposes of Norristown’s residents. Poley Park uses light and shadow to provide … Full sample

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Lifestyle in Haiti versus USA – Essay Sample

Haiti is an island nation that lies only 681 miles from Miami, Florida. Yet its culture and its people are immensely different from those in America, only a short plane ride away. Separated and isolated from the rest of the … Full sample

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New York Story – Essay Sample

New York fascinates me. I remember I didn’t like New York at first and was confused why the city is so famous. Downtown was ok but there is only so much you can enjoy it. On one of the visits … Full sample


The Little Prince Returns to Earth in Las Vegas 2009 – Essay Sample

In the summer of 2009 I had an experience of another trip to the Earth. Surprisingly, it was too much different from the one I had in the past, so different like if I visited another planet and another world. … Full sample

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Dublin: A City in Transition – Essay Sample

Like most of the inhabitants of the city of Dublin, my membership of the city is the product of an evolution of factors that are hinged around social and economic parameters. Any attempt to understand the contemporary dynamics in this … Full sample

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