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The Lever House and Seagram Buildings – Essay Sample

The relevance of a comparison of the Lever House and the Seagram Building is not only because of their opposing positions on Park Avenue and 53rd Street in New York, but their shared symbolism for architecture. Michelle and James Nevius … Full sample

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Islamic Mosque Architecture – Essay Sample

The Development of the Architecture of the Islamic Mosque For much of man’s history, there was no distinction, as we would think of it today, between the “secular” world and the spiritual world.  When looking at the totality of the … Full sample

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Regionalism – Essay Sample

Regionalism has been a predominant feature of architecture in the past. The term regionalism actually encompasses a couple of related ideas. On one level, it addresses “how local influences have been used to generate local character on a region (Pavilides … Full sample

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From the Grave to Excess – Essay Sample

Archaeology provides many answers, but for years it provided no definitive answer about the origins of Roman building. Much of this confusion stems from the difficulties of determining purpose and timeline. Gjerstad’s chronology provided a backdrop which allowed for many … Full sample

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Modernism Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright – Essay Sample

Throughout history, every era exemplifies modernism within its own aspects.  However, “trying to define modernism can be a frustrating exercise.  As a style, it is less coherent, its boundaries looser, than, say, classicism.  Many critics would argue that modernism is … Full sample

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