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Poley Park – Essay Sample

Poley Park utilizes sleek design and activity. The park’s renovations have begun to improve the area, and place in it a stylish and functional area that serves the purposes of Norristown’s residents. Poley Park uses light and shadow to provide … Full sample

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M. Marvin, “Freestanding Sculptures from the Baths of Caracalla” Article Review – Essay Sample

The article studies the sculptural program of the Baths of Caracalla, the only Baths whose sculptural decorations remained. The first excavations in 1540s resulted in large-scale sculptures like Herakles Farnese, the Punishment of Dirke, Polykleitan Herakles and many other findings. … Full sample


Kleiner, “The Portraiture of Augustus” in Roman Sculpture Article Review – Essay Sample

The article dwells on the major peculiarities of Augustus Octavian portraying in the Roman art. The representation of Augustus and imperial family in numismatics, precious cameos, in sculptural portraits served a perfect device of political propaganda. The coins supported his … Full sample

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