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Low Graduation Rate Among Hispanic Students – Essay Sample

A Study to Determine the Factors Associated with the Low Graduation Rate Among Hispanic Students. Graduation rates fluctuate every year in the U.S., but some troubling tendencies have emerged amongst certain demographics in recent years. Amongst minority groups attending school … Full sample

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History of Education – Essay Example

Since the dawn of man, people have been educating younger generations in essential knowledge and skills. The history of education is extensive and rich, dating back thousands upon thousands of years – arguably to the origination of man. Both ancient … Full sample

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The Implications of Parenting Styles and Self-Esteem – Essay Sample

Every parent is different, and every child is raised differently. However, almost all parents tend to raise their children in one parenting style over another. At the most basic level, there are three styles of parenting, which were determined by … Full sample


Communicative Competence of ESL Students – Essay Sample

Subjects The participants included 28 elementary ESL students in grades 2-5, 18 male, and 10 female. The native languages included Spanish (7), Chinese (5), and Russian, French, Korean, Arabic, Pohnpeian, Urdu, and Samoan. The study was conducted in March-May 2003. … Full sample

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Sex Education in Public Schools – Essay Sample

Persuasive Argument: Sex Education Should Be Available in Public Schools Introduction While it may seem that teaching sex education is a debate from previous generations, the reality is that, for many parents and communities, it is still a highly controversial … Full sample

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