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The Enlightenment Project – Essay Sample

“The term ‘Enlightenment project’ is code for a set of ideas holding that science and reason, as opposed to authority and superstition, are the proper means to understand the world and to improve human life, and that understanding and life … Full sample

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Why did Hitler need to make an agreement with the Soviet Union to continue his eastward expansion? – Essay Sample

One of Hitler’s main goals in the beginning of World War II was to avoid a two-front situation that occurred in World War I and, eventually, led to a miserable defeat of Germany. Therefore, Hitler was determined to secure his … Full sample


What obstacles led to the failure of Hitler’s plan for a quick victory in Central and Eastern Europe? – Essay Sample

Before starting the massive invasion aimed at central and Eastern Europe, Hitler and his advisories had to decide on the plan, there were going to perform in the eastern front. The first option was to engage in a war of … Full sample





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