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Probation Officers and Parole – Essay Sample

Discuss one current issue that poses a challenge for probation officers. Describe how this issue can be effectively addressed. Of course there are many issues that face probation officers on a daily basis, one of the most difficult of which … Full sample

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Defense Attorney, Juries, and Judges – Essay Sample

The defense attorney plays the vital role of acting as the advocate for the accused in a criminal trial, and the job is a cornerstone for the adversarial process. Often, only the defense attorney stands between the defendant and the … Full sample

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Vandalism and Community Policing Approaches – Essay Sample

I think that organizing community involvement to police vandalism would be an interesting and unique challenge. Vandalism is by no means strictly an issue in large cities; it exists in smaller communities, and I think that element of that particular … Full sample

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Crime Statistics – Essay Sample

Serious Crime Defined The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) remains the nation’s most consistent and highly regarded source of criminal statistics, as well as the authority on defining the gradations of crime itself. Most people are aware of … Full sample

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Drug Crime and Control Initiative – Essay Sample

Introduction Drugs remain at the forefront of an Employers problem in dealing with employees that have an addiction problem. It is considered that the right to privacy relative to drug use does not outweigh the right of the employer, appropriate … Full sample





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